It is my privilege to report that this has been an exciting year at Headrest for the staff and board members alike as we moved into our new outpatient office space on the campus of Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital.  This new space is welcoming and comfortable for clients and counselors alike and offers a sense of professionalism that was difficult to experience in the basement of 14 Church St.  Headrest is participating in the ongoing effort to integrate behavioral health into primary care by providing counseling services in a medication assisted treatment program (MAT) at the Multi-Specialty Clinic at Alice Peck Day.  It is very clear that Headrest, and all non-profits for that matter, must work together and look for opportunities to  collaborate with one another.  This initiative is certainly a good example.  Individuals suffering from substance use disorders and/or a mental health diagnosis need and deserve good integrated health care similar to that we would offer to those with diabetes. 

Laurie Harding, Board Chair



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