Female clinical director smiling with glasses at Headrest Lebanon NH

Kathleen Russo, Clinical Director


Clinical Director, Kathleen Russo graduated from Plymouth State College, with a B.S in Social Science Education and a minor in Counseling. Kathleen is also a Licensed Alcohol Drug Abuse Counselor (LADC) and a Licensed Clinical Supervisor (LCS) with 30 years of experience working in all aspects of addiction treatment and recovery. Prior to coming to Headrest in 2016, she ran a private practice that was started in 2002. Kathleen is responsible for developing and maintaining our stellar outpatient (OP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) programs, but perhaps her greatest asset is her constant companion, Oreo.




woman with short red hair red lipstick back turtleneck and black and red scarf

Patsy Martick-Campbell



Patricia Martick-Campbell is a New Hampshire Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC), and a Masters Forensic Addiction Counselor. She has 40 plus years of experience in the addiction field. She has worked in the Impaired Driver Intervention Programs with the New Hampshire Department of Corrections as part of alternative sentencing. Patricia earned her first certification from Boston University School of Medicine in 1979. She attended University of Massachusetts earning a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science. She is an expert witness in Massachusetts as well as New Hampshire. Working with the Court, Defense Attorneys, and Probation Officers to evaluate and recommend treatment for the Judicial system.





bald and bearded man sitting in chair playing guitar

Bob Dorley


Robert Dorley has been in the helping business since 1982. After spending most of his early life playing music on the road and touring America, he decided to partially retire from the music world and the night life. In 1989, Bob entered the substance abuse profession after realizing the need for trained professionals. He graduated with high honors from Concord Tech in 1995, making the National Dean’s List for Excellence. He continued his studies at Harvard Medical, The New England Advanced School of Addictions, and The International North Shore Foundation on Addiction Studies, to name a few. Bob has also worked in the criminal justice system as a case manager and a teacher and was a Substance Abuse Counselor at the Merrimack Correctional Facility for 10 years where he ran the substance abuse programs there. Bob began his counseling career at Sobriety Maintenance Center, now known as Serenity Place, in Manchester, NH, where he worked as an evaluator for the REAP DWI Program. He is a NH certified DWI instructor and a nationally certified Prime for Life Program instructor, an evidence based substance abuse prevention program. Besides his addiction to addiction studies, Bob loves his music and is a member in good standing of the Massachusetts Country Music Hall of Fame!



smiling man with mustache and blue plaid shirt

Tom Howard



Tom Howard ran his own flooring business for 30 years, but has always been active in community services. He served two terms as the State Representative for Sullivan County and he also operated Serenity Farms, a local farm supplying vegetables and beef. Tom received his Associates Degree from New Hampshire Technical Institute, his Certified Recovery Worker Certification (CRW) and is a Licensed Alcohol Drug Abuse Counselor(LADC).





black dog with white toe sitting under desk at Headrest Lebanon NH

Oreo, Crisis Counselor




Headrest Mascot, Oreo is a Certified Therapy Dog (CTD) and she is wise beyond her dog-years. She frequently takes up residence underneath Kathleen Russo’s desk where she has full command of the Outpatient Clinic. A gentle pat or belly rub is all it takes to win her over. Oreo’s daily visits to the office are a welcome reminder that dogs rule.

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