Headrest Staff Directory

Cameron Ford leads the team at Headrest as Executive Director. Cameron has assembled a wonderful staff that includes Residential, Clinical, Hotline, and Administrative personnel. We look forward to growing Headrest within the community we serve.

Please contact us at 603-448-4872.

First Name Last Name Title Email Extension Cell
Greg Athorne Hotline Counselor greg.athorne@headrest.org x101
Lori Bartlett Vocational Specialist lori.bartlett@headrest.org x116
Al Carbonneau Hotline Manager al.carbonneau@headrest.org x111
Clarisse Charland Outpatient Counselor clarisse.charland@headrest.org x121
Sean Cox Residential Case Manager sean.cox@headrest.org x112
James Doherty Residential Case Manager jim.doherty@headrest.org x112
Beau Donahue Residential Counselor beau.donahue@headrest.org x112
Danyelle Eaton Hotline Counselor danyelle.eaton@headrest.org x101
Cameron Ford Executive Director cameron.ford@headrest.org x102 (603) 491-1732
Michelle Greene Residential Case Manager michelle.greene@headrest.org x112
Len Harlow Residential Case Manager len.harlow@headrest.org x112
Courtney Hoppe Director of Development courtney.hoppe@headrest.org x119 (603) 801-4447
Tom Howard Outpatient Counselor tom.howard@headrest.org x107
Megan Leavy Client Care Coordinator megan.leavy@headrest.org x115
Patricia Martick-Campbell Outpatient Counselor patsy@headrest.org x108
Erin Masury Residential Case Manager erin.masury@headrest.org x112
Meredith Meng Director of Compliance meredith.meng@headrest.org none (603) 387-2012
Katie Noonkester Residential Case Manager katie.noonkester@headrest.org x112
Sehan Poulton Hotline Counselor sehan.poulton@headrest.org x101
Lara Quillia Residential Manager lara.quillia@headrest.org x154
Chelsea Simpson Business Manager chelsea.simpson@headrest.org x122
Joy Waters Hotline Counselor joy.waters@headrest.org x101
George “Jody” Wells Hotline Counselor george.wells@headrest.org x101
Cheryl Wilkie Interim Clinical Director cheryl.wilkie@headrest.org x105