HEADREST, a non-profit community services organization, seeks an experienced and innovative Executive Director to begin leading the organization in December 2022. The Board of Directors and Search Committee are currently accepting nominations and applications for the position. From its beginning in 1971, Headrest has been among the Upper Valley’s most visible addiction and crisis assistance organizations, providing the only 24-hour crisis hotline for New Hampshire, Vermont, and parts of Maine.

To apply: Email résumé and letter of interest (both in PDF format) with at least three references to: HEADRESTedsearch@gmail.com by November 1, 2022.

To download this description as an MS Word doc, please click here.

Primary Responsibilities


  • Implements and manages policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors in the administration of the agency
  • Provides effective leadership for staff and promotes an effective decision-making process
    • Ensures fulfillment of stated responsibilities to funding sources according to Board policy
    • Creates and submits required progress reports to funders, state and local agencies, and the Board
    • Establishes and maintains compliance with state and federal laws/mandates as well as specific regulations set forth by grantors.
    • Reviews and maintains Employee and Clinical Handbooks and related policies according to Board policy
    • Sets up yearly calendar for funding, contracts, reviews, and events 
  • Ensures compliance with all contracts and state and local laws and regulations 
  • Ensures accurate and timely record keeping of proper documentation
  • Oversees maintenance of agency property, facilities, and equipment
  • Meets with local, state, and federal officials as needed 

Board Relations

  • Serves as ex officio member of the Board and Board committees, meeting with the President and/or the Executive Committee as requested
  • Is accountable to the Board for staff performance and program operations
  • Works with President and/or the Executive Committee to prepare monthly Board meeting agendas and reports
  • In collaboration with the President, plans the annual meeting
  • In collaboration with the Treasurer, plans and conducts the monthly Finance Committee meeting 
  • Performs other position-related functions as assigned by the Board of Directors


  • Manages the budget process and is accountable to Board for performance to budget
  • Oversees the preparation and presentation of the annual budget and audit, quarterly financial reports, and any other required reports
  • Manages grants and contracts, seeking and obtaining funds to carry out the mission of the agency
  • Co-chairs the Finance Committee, with the Treasurer
  • Initiates collection of appropriate data that support funding requests
  • Oversees the payroll process, bookkeeping function, bank accounts, and billing agents

Personnel Relations 

  • Encourages and facilitates staff development and fosters open, direct, and timely communication with staff
  • Assures compliance with Employee Handbook and personnel policies
  • Assures compliance with Clinical Handbook and clinical policies and regulations
  • Establishes a system to monitor staff performance and conducts supervisory evaluation of direct reports
  • Oversees the agency benefit programs
  • Works with Personnel Committee to develop and implement Board Policies
  • Manages staff to established personnel policies
  • Informs staff of all relevant Executive Director and Board activities and decisions


  • Manages the organization to achieve program goals and objectives
  • Attends local and state forums and trainings for continuous improvement
  • Chairs the internal quality improvement committee
  • Establishes, maintains and reports outcome metrics for all programs
  • Oversees and at times assist in all departments as needed  

Public Relations

  • Informs and markets the services of the agency to diverse segments of the public
  • Seeks, establishes, and maintains collaborations with local and state entities according to the vision of the agency
  • Directs and prepares the production and distribution of all newsletters, media releases and related communications
  • Supervises management of the website layout and content on a continuing basis
  • Works with Board committees to sustain high agency visibility in the community
  • Participates in interviews with media 
  • Attends community, state, and federal meetings as needed

Development and fundraising

  • Supervises maintenance of the donor data base
  • Supports the Development Committee in all fundraising efforts
  • Supervises or conducts the research and preparation of all proposals for funding and grants
  • Attends bidders and grant conferences/workshops as needed

Desired Skills and Knowledge

  • Experience leading an organization to realize its vision and mission
  • Previous experience in human services, management, financial and fundraising management
  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills
  • Strong development experience and expertise in all aspects of fundraising, including key donor cultivation, print and electronic appeals, grant writing, fundraising events, and experience growing an organization’s budget through successful implementation of a development plan
  • Strong organizational management skills especially in the areas of personnel recruiting and management, program management, and fiscal management and oversight.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Five to seven years of leadership and management experience with community-based non-profits
  • Demonstrated awareness of and commitment to issues pertaining to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ)
  • Knowledge of addiction and related issues
  • Awareness of administrative requirements in a clinical setting.

Desired Education

  • Master’s degree or equivalent experience in relevant professional field preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree required.