EAR Program Employee Intake

Are you, or someone you love, struggling with substance use issues?
Nobody should go through this alone.

Your workplace may be the right resource to lend an EAR.

Headrest’s Recovery Friendly Workplace EAR (Employee Assistance Resource) Program works with your employer to provide employees and their families or loved ones with free and confidential access to a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC), either onsite at work or remotely. The EAR Program’s counselors have advanced training on how to help people navigate substance use concerns and develop longer-term plans for success. 

Employees or their loved ones who are concerned about their or another person’s substance use can set up an appointment to meet with the LADC confidentially, where their needs and goals will be assessed, and referrals to additional resources can be made if needed. This service is available at no charge to employees, and employers are eligible to participate in the no cost pilot period through June of 2021.

EAR Program benefits include:
ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT from a trained professional who understands the complexities of substance use disorder and experienced in providing compassionate, clinically informed support.

A CONFIDENTIAL & CUSTOMIZED PROCESS with sessions tailored to best meet your individual needs and support your long-term success. What is shared in these sessions will remain confidential between the employee and the LADC.

PLANNING FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS by building a long-term strategy. This may include access to further resources, making referrals for additional outside counseling, or other expert guidance LADCs have to offer.

Are you interested in finally having someone lend an EAR so you can get the support you deserve? If so, fill out the form below, and we will get you in touch with our LADC. If you are an employee and your company is not participating in this program, additional information on Headrest services may be found here.

You may also download our program flyer here

Please do not share any sensitive personal information via this form. 

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