Low-Intensity Residential Program

Headrest offers a low-intensity residential program for substance use disorders (SUD). These services are person centered, sensitive, and relevant to cultural and linguistic diversity of the residents/clients being served. All staff are trauma informed.

Low-Intensity Residential Program: Headrest offers people who are homeless and returning to the community from treatment a safe and sober environment in which to live. While in this program, residents begin rebuilding their lives through work, education, and continued substance use disorder treatment services. Residents participate in individual counseling, therapeutic groups, case management, and strengths-based recovery programming. The resident’s Primary Residential Counselor will attempt to involve family members and/or significant others in a resident’s treatment as appropriate. The goal of Low-Intensity residential treatment is to prepare clients to live a healthy, safe and substance-free lifestyle.

Our residential facility was appointed with all-new furniture in December 2020 thanks to a partnership with DCI Furniture, headquartered in Lisbon, NH. DCI is a partner in the Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative and also participates in the EAR Program. More on this partnership may be found here.

For referral process information about residential programs, please email Lara Quillia, Residential Manager, at lara.quillia@headrest.org.

Clients will interact with their Case Manager on a daily basis. The assigned Case Manager will involve family members and significant others in the process when deemed appropriate. They will continue to educate clients about substance use addiction and recovery, as well as assist with employment opportunities. Clients will focus on honing life skills, furthering their coping mechanisms, and accepting greater personal responsibilities.

Case Managers are an important resource for our clients during treatment and post-discharge.

If you are interested in receiving these services, please contact Headrest at (603) 448-4400 to complete an Intake Screening and set up an appointment to meet with one of our highly-trained, licensed substance use counselors.