Renew Recovery House
Sober Living for Men

Renew Recovery House is a serene, dignified, and supportive environment for those wishing to continue their recovery while transitioning into a renewed life. Our robust vocational program works with everyone to ensure participants find employment that suits their skill sets while allowing them to maintain a recovery/work-life balance. Located in scenic Boscawen, NH, guests have outdoor activities at their fingertips all year.


Renew Recovery House as a part of Headrest supports individuals and their families, friends, and neighbors affected by substance use, navigating recovery, or in crisis, by providing effective programs and treatment options that support prevention and long-term recovery.


Renew Recovery House offers an opportunity for men in recovery to have a safe, stable, comfortable place to call home. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere of recovery, strength, and hope while providing accountability and structure.

Renew Recovery House

119 North Main St., Boscawen, NH 0333


Renew Recovery House is NHCORR certified