Headrest Testimonials

At Headrest, in many ways, our clients’ journeys are our journey too. When we know that we have made a difference in a life, it makes a difference in our lives as well. Here are some examples of what we hear from past residents and clients:

“I loved the counselors and the community inside the house… I identified my strengths and can use them in the real world”– recent Transitional Living Program graduate.

“I hope that in some small way my contribution can help make another Upper Valley kid’s journey quicker. Keep up the valuable work!”— recent Transitional Living Program graduate.

“Spoke to a young girl from Bangladesh this morning who had previously spoken to John a few evenings ago. She was incredibly grateful to him for showing her compassion and understanding that she felt she had never received from any of the adults in her life. It sounds like you really validated her experience and gave her hope. She was also very surprised that you were able to speak French with her. It’s rewarding to hear feedback like this from someone who feels so isolated and alone. It reminds me that what we’re doing really can make a difference and it’s people like you that make that possible.”— report from a Hotline Counselor

“Thomas stopped by to say hi… He was promoted to a manager position in his job (which he got while at Headrest). He reported that others had been there longer, so it was awkward. He reports he is continuing to go to 12-step meetings. He was smiling and glad to see us.”— report from a Transitional Living Counselor